Friday, December 31, 2010

A Challenge for Myself

In order to change the way I feel about gift-giving, I've challenged myself to make all of the gifts I give for 2011.  Last year, I made some of the gifts I gave away and I felt better about giving those compared to the gifts I purchased.  It's more satisfying to have people, especially little ones, like the gift you designed and made for them than to LOVE (for the next 5 minutes) the pink plastic toy you bought without putting much thought into it. 

Right now I'm brainstorming ideas for the first birthday of the year, coming up in 2 weeks time.  Any ideas for a crafted gift to give a horse mad, turning 12 year old girl who loves green & purple?  I had an idea of something to crochet up but I'm wondering if it's too "granny".