Friday, December 31, 2010

A Challenge for Myself

In order to change the way I feel about gift-giving, I've challenged myself to make all of the gifts I give for 2011.  Last year, I made some of the gifts I gave away and I felt better about giving those compared to the gifts I purchased.  It's more satisfying to have people, especially little ones, like the gift you designed and made for them than to LOVE (for the next 5 minutes) the pink plastic toy you bought without putting much thought into it. 

Right now I'm brainstorming ideas for the first birthday of the year, coming up in 2 weeks time.  Any ideas for a crafted gift to give a horse mad, turning 12 year old girl who loves green & purple?  I had an idea of something to crochet up but I'm wondering if it's too "granny".


  1. This is the best new year's resolution I've seen! And if you plan ahead you can get all the gifts done in time.
    My presents are usually a mix of bought and hand made items with the scales leaning sligtly toward the hand made side. Luckily my boyfriend also does DIY so if I'm ever pressed for time I raid his stash ;-P

  2. thanks a lot! I've been doing the gifts as I go with 1-2 weeks think ahead/crafting time. you are lucky to have a partner you can raid - my hubby is more of a petrol head DIYer so not much for me to steal from him :)