Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July has passed in a blur...

Well, July has been and gone.  I've been busy crocheting for my facebook page and felt shop as well as making my youngest a granny square "quilt".  I also had 2 birthdays to cater for that fell in July and I finished the big project that is finally on it's way to my parents to celebrate their birthdays which fell in June.

On to some photos:

Granny Square Quilt - Galah-inspired colour way of grey, pink, and white bordered in black.  Another of these has just been ordered through my facebook page :)

Bella Beanie - for my niece Bella, a classic beanie with scallop trim and hand embroidered horse patch.  Modelled here by the always lovely, Lily.

Flower Brooch - hot pink and lime flower brooch worked up for a co-workers birthday.  Palm sized!

Sorry, still not posting photos of my parent's item as they haven't confirmed that it's arrived yet.  Once they've got it, I'll let you in on my little secret.

As for August, it will be busy again...orders to fill, and at least 2 birthdays off the top of my head falling in August and another 3 in early September, plus then there's Father's Day!  I will try to keep up the posting a little more regularly so I don't end up with a backlog again!


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