Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tea Towel Quilt

I've mentioned a special project I was making to celebrate my parents birthdays a couple of times on this blog now.  I finally finished it and it has made it's way all they way from little ol' NZ to Newfoundland where they live.  And guess what?  They LOVE it. 

I saw in a book some time ago, a really awesome batch with an amazing quilt.  The quilt was put together from vintage NZ tea towels and it was so cool.  I stored the idea away for a while wondering if I'd ever get to use it.  One day I saw a really great selection of NZ souvenir tea towels at great prices and thought about that quilt.  I was going to make one, albeit with new towels instead of vintage...

And here it is...

 Our munchkins loved this blanket and snuggled up in it pointing out all the different animals to each other.
 The back of the quilt was done in kiwiana print fabric with green/blue/red border.
The front of the blanket, 6 fun tea towels!

All in all, I had a pretty good time making this blanket.  There were a few "uh-oh" moments (like when I realised I didn't buy enough of the kiwiana fabric for the whole back and had to improvise the border) but in the end everything came together great.  And 2 packages of bias tape binding was just enough for the finishing touch!


  1. That's beautiful Angelle! You never cease to amaze me with your creativity :) Miss you! xo

  2. Thanks Katt! It did come out well, but as I said, I couldn't take credit for the idea as I saw something similar in a book :)