Sunday, October 2, 2011

Crafty Daddy

I'm finally getting around to posting some photos of the big gift we made for our daughter's 5th birthday.  We took an underutilised storage area and made it into a fun, functional and colourful room for the girls.  My husband spent a lot of time painting, finishing off some unfinished bits, adding carpet, making shelving and a fold down blackboard table.  I made the colourful Asian curtains at the back of the room, and chose the teal blue for the curtains and bean bag.  Wall stickers and a TV/DVD player combo finished it all off.  It's a great little room and well loved already...and let's face it, the kids were already going in there before it was a play room so this is much better as we now know everything is safe and comfy for them.

 If you have an under-used space in your house, consider relinquishing it to the kids.  We really love that the kids now have a place to go and watch tv and spread out their toys without us having to hear and see everything!

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