Friday, April 15, 2011

Brother in law Birthday

A brother in law can be a notoriously hard person to choose a gift for.  This would definitely be true in my case, and more so since I had to choose something I could make.  Usually my husband picks the birthday gifts for his brothers but with my project this year, it was left up to me. 

The eldest of the brothers had his birthday about a week ago now, just before one of the biggest lotto draws in NZ history ($34 million which was going to be awarded even if no one matched all of the numbers) so, as an easy out, his present ended up being a lotto ticket.

A lotto ticket!?  You might be condemning me for this one - no I didn't make the lotto ticket.  I didn't even pick the numbers.  Instead, I thought up a crafty and fun way to package it.  Since he had the chance to win a fortune, I decided to crochet a fortune cookie to put the ticket inside and package that in a miniature Chinese takeaway box.

I didn't make the card, but it is a handmade card and it features a scooter.  Fitting since my brother in law rides a Vespa.

  I also made a chocolate courgette cake for after the birthday dinner.  It was absolutely moist and delicious and the kids had no idea there were vegetables in it!

Coming soon, my husband's birthday and Easter...dun dun dun...

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